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I'm a freelance writer for several outlets, both print and digital. Busy? On the go? Here's a highlight reel.

As of this writing, I am a regular contributor to DownBeat, the Quietus, Under The Radar, and Riot Fest. In the past, I've had frequent bylines with Esquire, FLOOD, and Tiny Mix Tapes, as well as more sporadic appearances with Kerrang!, Vinyl Me Please, The Willamette Week, and many more besides.

When there is time to spare, I am also editor of ANTSY Magazine, a print magazine published by Impermanent Projects.

Areas of expertise and/or enthusiasm include:

• Experimental and cult films

• All eras of jazz

• Trashy '90s pop culture nostalgia

• Underground noise and experimental music

• Cassette tape trading (both audio and video)

• Pop culture iconoclasts (Ghoulardi, Andy Kaufman, Doris Wishman, etc.)

• The Grateful Dead

• 1980s-90s "slacker rock"

• 45 rpm "oldies" record collecting

• Myriad forms of psychedelia

If you're looking for someone to write about your new shoegaze/techstep/brocore record, you are probably barking up the wrong tree. Good luck elsewhere, though!